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With dental tourism on the rise, a lot of Australians have been contemplating on going out of the country to get their dental treatments abroad while having their well-deserved vacation as well. One of the most common destinations and dental treatments, the Thailand dental implants, are now creating a buzz in the dental community. Let us know the benefits of getting Thailand dental implants compared to other nations and what considerations one must think about when opting for dental tourism.


Thailand dental implants: Why Thailand?

Thailand is known for its sandy beaches, scenic views, as well as their signature Thai cuisine. One would surely get enticed to have both their dental procedure and their holiday vacation here. Thailand continues to improve to become a modern country, boasting a state-of-the-art international airport, tall skyscrapers, and their world-known medical hospitals and dental centres. It also continues to grow as a travel and holiday destination without losing its authentic Thai culture.

Since Thailand is one of the most sought-after medical and dental tourism hotspots, it claims to have provided all amenities for its tourists to feel comfort and convenience all throughout their stay in this tropical country.



Thailand dental implants: Dental tourism

As mentioned earlier, Thailand indeed is one of the most common tourism destinations when dental holidays come to mind. The world-class hospitals and dental clinics in Thailand promise high-quality procedures at a fraction of the price. They claim that their lower cost of living, compared to other countries like Australia, is the main reason why they can offer such dental procedures at a much lower price estimate. Being able to provide quality dental services affordably and safely is their most powerful lure to date.


Thailand dental implants: The price comparison

Two cities in Thailand, Bangkok and Phuket, offer dental implants at a lower cost compared to those in the US, UK, and Australia. However they, too, have different cost estimates as well.  Below is a sample price estimate of dental implants in Phuket and Bangkok compared to that in Australia.

Dental Implant type

Bangkok PricePhuket Price

Australia Price

Single tooth replacement

$1900 – $2500

$2000 – $2500

$3000 – $7000

Complicated single-tooth replacement (with bone graft or sinus lift)

$2000 – $7000

$3000 – $8000

$4000 – $11,000

All-on-4 dental implants

$13,000 – $15,000

$13,500 – $16,000

$17,000 – $30,000


This price estimate is for the sole purpose of comparing the cost difference of undergoing the dental implant procedure in Thailand and Australia. Its accuracy can still be questioned, so it is always best to consult and inquire directly from your trusted dentist for a more precise price quotation. Moreover, it is essential that Australians are reminded that procedures in Thailand are paid in Baht, so currency conversion still applies.


Thailand dental implants: The conclusion

It is safe to say that thinking about going to Thailand and getting your dental services there is acceptable and considerable. But here are some reminders we want you to think about before getting the next flight ticket out to Thailand.

Be critical of the price. Some clinics, to attract patients, would declare a lower cost estimate without clarifying its inclusions. Or some would lower the quality of the materials used to justify the low cost. Whatever the tactic these unfair dental establishments use, it is safe to confirm all information about the price, its inclusion, and the whole procedure itself.

Research. Knowing the reputation of a dental establishment is made easier through the internet. Research online about patient reviews, accreditations, as well as your dentist’s reputation and board certification to be sure that you are getting the best dental experience you deserved and paid for.

Ensure your safety. There is nothing wrong with going overboard when your safety is on the line. Making sure that all the facts about the dental practice and dentist are reliable and correct, knowing the safety regulations of any country you are visiting, as well as the emergency protocol they follow in case of unforeseen accidents or complications, are just some of the things a cautious and vigilant patient can do to ensure his safety and comfort all throughout his dental holiday.


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