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Overview of Dental Implants


What is a Dental Implant?

A dental implant is a sterile screw-like material made of metal, like titanium, which is surgically embedded in your jawbone. Bone tissue will surround this screw-like material and this will serve as the foundation of the artificial tooth to be placed, called crowns. Each crown will be secured by a connector called an abutment, and will match the color, shape, and size of the tooth to be replaced. Dental Implants in Perth uses the highest quality dental equipment so you can be sure that we deliver the best.


How does it work?

Several scans and x-rays would be requested by your dentist to make sure the space between your teeth where the implant is to be positioned is correct. Dental implants are then placed through a series of minor operations under anesthesia, from allowing the bone to grow around and secure the screw-like implant to placing an abutment for the artificial tooth to be connected. After implantation, like any other invasive dental procedure, you may experience bruising, minor bleeding, and pain around your gums and/or face which will all subside in time.


How much does it cost?

Since getting dental implants would require several scans and trips to your dentist, they may be more expensive than other dental restoration options. One should make sure that you clear all expenses and financial details with your dentist before you start a treatment plan. Let the Dental Implants Perth assess your dental health and assist you in improving your smile and health. Contact us to know more about our package options and payment schemes to fit your budget.

Benefits of Dental Implants

Natural Look and Feel

Since dental implants are directly connected to your jawbone, it may be as sturdy as your natural teeth. Moreover, dental implants are now made with titanium and a ceramic material called zirconia that makes your implants look like your real tooth! In fact, it can also be used to hold your existing dentures or dental bridge in place. Let Dental Implants in Perth discuss with you how else you can achieve a dental restoration procedure that looks as natural looking as can be.

Cost Effective
Dental implants are scientifically proven to last longer than most dental restoration procedures. This means less cost for maintenance and more satisfaction with its look and feel. It is as if you did not lose a tooth at all! Call our Perth clinic so we can discuss with you how you can save more money if you choose dental implant procedure as your dental restoration treatment.
Less Oral Health Problems

According to the American Academy of Implant Dentistry, dental implants are the only dental restoration option that effectively preserves the natural integrity of your jawbone, and may actually stimulate bone growth. This only goes to show that undergoing a dental implant procedure may be a better option to retain your good oral health despite losing some teeth.

Dental Implants’ Past and Present Times

Early 2000 BC

Earliest version of dental implants were made of carved bamboo pegs in China.

1000 BC

Egyptians used metal teeth made of copper as improvised implants pegged into the jawbone of a king.

18th century

Experiments on dental implants made with gold, metal alloys, or porcelain were deemed unsuccessful.


Per-Ingvar Brånemark performed the first titanium dental implantation to a human volunteer.


In Perth, several dental appliance manufacturers are now experimenting with different materials like zirconia in combination with titanium to make dental implants last longer. The digital dental implant procedure is now being developed and is also gaining popularity in Perth and all over the world.

About Us

Dental Implants in Perth gained its great reputation through the satisfied clients that our specialists have encountered and cared for through their years of service in our Perth clinic. Undeniable expertise, superb professionalism, and genuine concern for their patients are just some of the characteristics our respected dentists and staff have up their sleeves. Combine these traits with state-of-the-art facilities and modern dental approaches to accommodate all kinds of dental queries and concerns, surely Dental Implants in Perth is the best choice to handle any dental problem that you may have.


Tips on Caring for your dental Implants

Good Oral Hygiene
Dental implants usually don’t require special care but regular tooth brushing and flossing won’t hurt. This will prevent the artificial teeth, or crowns, to get damaged or get stained by food.
Smoking and chewing on hard foods will affect the integrity of any dental restoration performed on your teeth. Your dental implants can also be affected by force and chemicals from smoking just like natural teeth.
Regular dental appointments
Oral prophylaxis or cleaning of your teeth may be done every six months to ensure good condition of your dental implants. Moreover, your trusted partner at the Dental Implants in Perth may inspect the condition of your gums as this may affect your implants.
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dental implants in perth
dental implants in perth
dental implants in perth

Go Digital

Digital dental implant surgery uses state-of-the-art scanners before and during the dental implant procedure. This will record high-precision dental and soft tissue images during the consultation. Guided surgery with intraoral scanners then allows prosthodontists to perform the procedure accurately.

FAQs on Digital Dental Implant Surgery

Is it painful?
Since Digital dental implant surgery uses modern imaging and surgical devices, minimal to no incisions are made, so damage to the tissue integrity of your gums will also be less. This means less pain and swelling compared to traditional dental implant procedure. Contact Dental Implants in Perth so we could explain this more to you.
Does it cost more?

Digital implants cost less since your dental visits may be lessened to only 3, compared to 7 or more visits for a regular dental implant procedure. Also, since less bleeding, pain, and other complications will be present in a digital implant procedure, you may less likely spend on medication to address such problems.

What is the dental implant made of?
The dental implant used in digital implant surgery is the same as that of the traditional procedure. With proper care, your implant may last you a lifetime, although the crowns may need to be changed over time.

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